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Computer made/mounted on velcro   4.0 inch-100mm



The F-35 PSC provides the capability to program, test and field F-35 Mission Data for Partner Nation and FMS customers. The PSC develops, operates, and maintains state-of-the-art F-35 hardware-in-the-loop MD Verification and Validation labs.  The PSC aids in developing Modeling and simulation capability for F-35 MD testing.  The PSC also provides help developing a systems engineering approach to Mission Data and tools for the F-35 reprogramming enterprise.

Established in 2016, F-35 Partner Support Complex (PSC) is a named, civilian led unit reporting to the 350th Spectrum Warfare Group (SWG). The PSC’s core mission is to provide F-35 mission data (MD) development and testing support to the F-35 foreign partners.  In 2019, the mission expanded to include FMS customers. This activity is 100% funded by the supported nations, including: United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Israel, Poland and Belgium.  These nations are not allowed to conduct independent test operations outside of the CONUS based on US policy.  United States Government (USG) security rules and National Defense Policy (NDP) requires that US citizens perform specific functions in order to protect critical US technology. The unit supports the partners and customers in their MD development and testing missions and is responsible for USG requirements associated with the F-35. The unit is designated as a complex since the organization will be conducting research and advanced development missions.