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Computer made/mounted on velcro   3.5 inch-90mm


46th Test Squadron

The 46th Test Squadron (46 TS) is the Air Force’s premier C4ISR test squadron and the responsible test organization for roughly one third of Electronic Systems Center’s (ESC) portfolio. They are at the leading edge of software performance monitoring and testing and are leading the charge in interoperability and capability-based testing. Through the use of their state-of-the-art, multi-level security Command and Control Test Facility – complete with eight seamlessly-integrated mission planning, datalink, and Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) labs – they apply a disciplined test approach to evaluate the links of the kill chain. The Datalinks Test Facility (DTF) hosts the Gulf Common Net, a combined operational, training, and test airborne network for both Link-16 and Situational Awareness Datalink (SADL) equipped platforms. This network enables testing of the latest technologies in gateways, radios, waveforms, and languages in an operationally representative environment while enabling our warfighters to gain experience operating with a plethora of unique network players.

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