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Computer made/mounted on velcro   4.0 inch-100mm      



The 354th Operations Support Squadron assigned to the 354th Operations Group consists of the command section, squadron section, intelligence flight, operations and scheduling flight, weapons and tactics flight, operations plans flight, weather flight, and the airfield management and air traffic control flight.

Additionally, the 354th OSS provides administrative support to the standardization and evaluation flight, operations group quality assurance, weapons systems support, and active duty members supporting the Alaska Air National Guard’s 168th Air Refueling Group.

The squadron is responsible for several key functions; provide programming resources to best prepare the 354th Fighter Wing for combat operations, which includes flying hour program management, programming of special use airspace, programming employment training and also maintains AF Forms and CAMS tracking tools.

Several OSS flights provide important hands-on and classroom training to Eielson’s in-place and deploying personnel, such as aircrew life support and intelligence training. The OSS is also responsible for providing safe and efficient flying operations support services, to include the coordination and control of aircraft movements, and weather observations and forecasting services.

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