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Lineage. Constituted as 325 Aerodrome Squadron on 14 Jul 1943. Activated on 20 Jul 1943. Deactivated on 20 Jan 1945. Reconstituted, redesignated and activated as 325 Operations Support Squadron on 1 Sep 1991-.

Assignments. Seventh Air Force, 20 Jul 1943; Sixth Air Service Command, date unknown-20 Jan 1945. 325 Operations Group, 1 Sep 1991-.

Stations. Hunter Field, GA, 20 Jul 1943; Oahu, HI, date unknown-20 Jan 1945. Tyndall AFB, FL, 1 Sep 1991-.

Operations. Provided support, academic and simulator instruction to all USAF, ANG and USAFR F-15 Eagle and now F-22 Raptor pilots, Air Battle Managers and Airborne Warning and Control System weapons directors. Controls air traffic and trains airfield operations officers, manages the airfield complex, weapons and weather station while directing operations of air combat maneuvering instrumentation training ranges provides wing intelligence support and trained USAF F-15 and now F-22 intelligence personnel. Trains officer air traffic controllers, conducted F-15 and now F-22 academic and simulator training, develops syllabi and all associated classroom courseware, and supports air weapons controller training programs. Provides current intelligence, operations scheduling, weapons and tactics training, life support training, water survival training, weather observation and forecasting, the Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation range, and air traffic control service to all civilian, commercial, and military operations in the Tyndall-Panama City, FL, terminal area. Also, manages the airfield, airspace, programmed flying training, wing flying hour program, flight records, and manpower for the 325th Operations Group Commander.

Service Streamers. None.

Campaign Streamers. None.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. None.

Decorations. None.

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