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Computer made/mounted on velcro   3.0 inch-77mm



Lineage. Established as 175 Tactical Fighter Group, federally recognized and activated on 1 Oct 1962. Redesignated 175 Operations Group on 15 March 1992-.

Assignments. Maryland ANG, 1 Oct 1962-6 Apr 1968, 13 Apr 1968-12 May 1968; 21 Dec 1968-. 833 Air Division, 7-12 April 1968, 13 May 1968-31 May 1968; 140 Tactical Fighter Wing, 1 June 1968-20 Dec 1968; 175 Fighter Wing, 15 Mar 1992-.

Components. Squadrons. 104 Fighter, 1 Oct 1962-: 175 Operations Support,

Stations. Martin State Airport (later: Warfield ANGB), MD, 1 Oct 1962-. (Operated from: Cannon AFB, NM, 10 Jun 1968-19 Dec 1968)

Aircraft. F-86H, 1962-1970; A-37B, 1970-1980; A-10A, C, 1979-.

Operations. Called to active duty on 13 May 1968-20 Dec 1968, transferred to Cannon AFB, NM, to act as a filler unit for the 27 TTW who were deployed for the Vietnam War and trained active Air Force pilots in forward air controller duties. Realigned from a Tactical Fighter mission in 1970 and begin training to support Air Force and Army special forces personnel and units in counter-insurgency aircraft and tactics. In 1974, began supporting the Military Assistance Program (MAP) by supplying training to Latin American Air Forces. In 1979, the 175 was the first ANG unit to receive the A-10. In 1991, the 175 won Gunsmoke, the USAF Worldwide Gunnery Competition. Became the first unit to take the A-10C into combat, when it deployed to Al Asad Air Base, Iraq in Sep 2007. From Jan to June 2003, 104 Expeditionary Fighter Squadron was formed and deployed to Bagram AB, Afghanistan, where it flew strikes against Taliban and al Qaeda forces and earned the distinction of being the longest-deployed Air National Guard fighter squadron at Bagram.

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