154th WING


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Computer made/mounted on velcro   3.0 inch/77mm


154th WING

Lineage.  199th Fighter Squadron, and allotted to the Hawaii Air National Guard on 28 May 1946. Extended federal recognition on 4 Nov 1946. Redesignated: 199th Fighter Bomber Squadron on 15 Jul 1952; 199th Fighter Interceptor Squadron on 19 Nov 1952. 154th Fighter Interceptor Group extended federal recognition on 1 Dec 1960. Redesignated:  154th Tactical Fighter Group, 10 Jun 1976; 154th Composite Group, 3 Nov 1978; 154th Fighter Group,  15 Mar 1992; 154th Wing, 11 Oct 1995-.

Assignments. Air Defense Command, 1947–1979; Tactical Air Command, 1979–1992; Air Combat Command, 1992–1993; Pacific Air Forces, 1993–.

Components.  Squadrons. 199th Fighter, 4 Nov 1946-; 169th Aircraft Control and Warning, 203rd Air Refueling, 12 Feb 1993-;  204th Airlift, 1 Oct 1994-.

Flights. 150th Aircraft Control and Warning Flight,

Stations. Bellow Field, Oahu, 4 Nov 1946; Hickam AFB, (later Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam), HI, 28 Oct 1947-.

Aircraft. P-47, 1947-1954; F-86, 1954-1961; F-102, 1960-1976; F-4, 1976-1988; C-130H, 1985–2006;  KC-135R, 1992-; F-15, 1987-2010; C-17, 2006-;  F-22, 2010-.

Operations. Fighter: Provide air defense of the Hawaiian Islands and surrounding areas. Air Refueling: Provide aerial refueling to aircraft en route to locations in the Pacific region. Airlift: To provide support and planes which will help transfer cargo during peacetime, wartime, and times of emergency.

Service Streamers.

Campaiign Streamers.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers.

Decorations. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award

Bestowed Honors.


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