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Lineage. Constituted as 129th Air Resupply Squadron and extended federal recognition on 3 Apr 1955. Redesignated 129th Troop Carrier Squadron (Medium) on 1 Nov 1958; 129th Air Commando Squadron on 1 Jul 1963; 129th Special Operations Squadron on 1 Aug 1968; 129th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery on 3 May 1975; 129th Air Rescue Squadron on 1 Oct 1989; 129th Rescue Squadron on 15 Mar 1992-.

Assignments. 129th Air Resupply )later: Troop Carrier; Air Commando; Special Operations; Aerospace Rescue and Recovery; Air Rescue; Rescue), Group, 3 Apr 1955; 129th Operations Group, 1 Oct 1995-.

Stations. Hayward MAP, CA, 3 Apr 1955; NAS Moffett Field (Moffett Federal Airfield), 1 May 1980-.

Aircraft. C-46, 1955-1958; SA-16, 1956; U-10, 1963-1966, 1967-1975; HU-16, 1963; U-6, 1966-1967;  C-119, 1963-1975; HC-130, 1975-2002; HH-3, 1975-1990; MH-60, 1990-1991; MC-130P, 2002-; HH-60, 1991-.

Operations. Provided airlift of personnel and material. Provided aid during floods along the Yuba River in 1959 and the Eel River in 1964-1965. Combat and civilian rescue. Deployed to Kuwait supporting rescue missions for Operation Southern Watch during 11 Sep 2001 attacks. Called to active duty in support of Operations Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom after 11 Sep 2001. Rapidly deploy worldwide to conduct combat search and rescue operations, over land or water, in both hostile and permissive environments.

Service Streamers. None.

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