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Phoenix Horizon-Torch pairs a group of board-selected company grade officers with a general officer counterpart at HQ AMC, USTRANSCOM, or 18th Air Force. Throughout the two-year program, Air Force captains between 4-8 years in their career field will be assigned in a variety of staff officer roles in an effort to expand their leadership abilities and understanding of the global mobility mission.

The Torch Program, open to mobility pilots, navigators, maintenance officers and logisticians, is one tool for identifying and further developing high-performing officers early in their careers.



Lineage. Established as Air Mobility Command, and activated on 1 Jun 1992.

Assignments. United States Air Force.

Major Components. Air Forces: Fifteenth, 1 Jun 1992-1 Oct 2003. Eighteenth, 1 Oct 2003-. Twenty-First, 1 Jun 1992-1 Oct 2003. Twenty-Second, 1 Jun 1992-1 Jul 1993.

Centers: Air Mobility Command Tanker Airlift Control, 1 Jun 1992-1 Oct 2003. USAF Air Mobility School (later, Air Mobility Warfare Center), 1 Jun 1992-.

Services: Air Combat Camera, 1 Jun 1992-1 Oct 1994. Air Rescue, 1 Jun 1992-1 Feb 1993. Defense Courier, 15 Oct 1998-1 Oct 2004.

Stations. Scott AFB, IL, 1 Jun 1992-.

Operations. HQ USAF established this command by combining the airlift assets of Military Airlift Command and most of the air refueling assets of Strategic Air Command to control and improve world-wide tanker/airlift operations. Air Mobility Command is the USAF component of the United States Transportation Command. AMC provides rapid global mobility and sustainment through tactical and strategic airlift and aerial refueling for US armed forces. In addition, it provides special duty and operational support aircraft and global humanitarian support and performs both peacetime and wartime aeromedical evacuation.

Service Streamers. None.

Campaign Streamers. None.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. None.

Decorations. Air Force Organizational Excellence Awards: 1 Jun 1992-31 May 1994; 1 Jun 1994-31 May 1996; 1 Jun 1996-31 May 1998; 1 Jun 1998-31 May 2000; 1 Jun 2000-31 May 2002; 1 Jun 2002-31 May 2004.

Emblem. Approved for Military Air Transport Service on 22 Jun 1948. Adopted by Air Mobility Command on 1 Jun 1992.

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