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Lineage. (24th Transport Squadron) Constituted as the 24th Air Corps Ferry Squadron ca. 19 Feb 1942. Activated on 27 Apr 1942. Redesignated 24th Transport Squadron on 29 Mar 1943. Disbanded on 13 Oct 1943. Reconstituted on 19 Sep 1985 and consolidated with the 924th Air Refueling Squadron as the 924th Air Refueling Squadron. (924th Air Refueling Squadron) Constituted as the 924th Air Refueling Squadron, Heavy on 20 May 1959. Activated on 1 Jul 1959. Redesignated 924th Air Refueling Squadron, Heavy (Training) on 2 Sep 1967. Consolidated on 19 Sep 1985 with the 24th Transport Squadron; Redesignated 924th Air Refueling Squadron on 1 Sep 1991. Inactivated on 30 Apr 1992. Activated c. 2 Apr 2017-.

Assignments. South Atlantic Sector, Air Corps Ferrying Command: 27 Apr 1942; 27th AAF Ferrying Wing: 19 Jun 1942; 15th Ferrying Group (later 15th Transport Group): 9 Jul 1942-13 Oct 1943; 93rd Bombardment Wing: 1 Jul 1959; 93rd Operations Group: 1 Sep 1991-30 Apr 1992. 931st Operations Group, c. 2 April 2017-.

Stations. Morrison Field, FL, 27 Apr 1942-13 Oct 1943; Castle AFB, CA, 1 Jul 1959-30 Apr 1992. McConnell AFB, KS, c. 2 Apr 2017-.

Aircraft. KC-135, 1959-1992. KC-46, 2017-.

Operations. 24th Transport Squadron: The squadron supported the South Atlantic ferrying route of Air Corps Ferrying Command (later Air Transport Command) as Morrison served as the western terminus of the route, processing personnel and equipment for deployment overseas.

924th Air Refueling Squadron: Primary mission was to train KC-135 aircrews for SAC tanker units. Also provided air refueling to the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers of its parent wing as they conducted combat crew training in the “Buff” and to other USAF units as directed. The squadron also deployed aircraft and aircrews to the Pacific, European and Alaskan Tanker Task Forces. Later, the 93d ARS assumed the bulk of the tanker training mission and the squadron deployed crews and aircraft to the Western Pacific region to support combat operations during the Vietnam War. The squadron also supported the Pacific, European, and Alaskan Tanker Task Forces. During periods when the 924th was not the primary tanker training unit of the 93d wing, it kept half of the squadron’s aircraft on fifteen-minute alert, fully fueled and ready for combat to reduce vulnerability to a Soviet missile strike.

Service Streamers. None.

Campaign Streamers. World War II: American Theater: 27 Apr 1942-13 Oct 1943.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. None.

Decorations. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 Jul 1963-31 Mar 1964; 1 Apr 1973-30 Jun 1974; 2 Aug 1990–11 Apr 1991.

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