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Lineage. Constituted 15th Photographic Mapping Squadron on 9 Jun 1942. Activated on 20 Jun 1942. Redesignated 15th Photographic Squadron (Heavy) on 6 Feb 1943; 15th Combat Mapping Squadron on 21 Jan 1944; 15th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron on 31 Aug 1944. Inactivated on 28 Oct 1945. Redesignated 15th Reconnaissance Squadron (Photographic) on 29 Apr 1947. Activated on 19 May 1947. Inactivated on 3 Dec 1947. Consolidated (19 Sep 1985) with the 556th Reconnaissance Squadron, which was constituted, and activated, on 15 May 1968. Organized on 1 Jul 1968. Assumed personnel and equipment of 4025th Reconnaissance Squadron, established on 1 Jul 1963. Assumed personnel and equipment of 6091st Reconnaissance Squadron, established on 1 Dec 1953. Inactivated on 30 Jun 1972. Redesignated 556th Tactical Intelligence Squadron on 19 Sep 1985; 556th Test and Evaluation Squadron on 16 Jan 2008. Activated on 15 Feb 2008-.

Assignments. 3rd Photographic (later Photographic Reconnaissance and Mapping, later Photographic) Group, 20 Jun 1942; Attached to 5th Photographic Group from 21 Nov 1943; 5th Photographic (later Reconnaissance) Group, 21 Jan 1944-28 Oct 1945; 67th Reconnaissance Group, 19 May 1947; 10th Reconnaissance Group, 24 Jul-3 Dec 1947. 347th Tactical Fighter Wing, 1 Jul 1968; 6100th Air Base Wing, 15 May 1971; 475th Air Base Wing, 1 Nov 1971-30 Jun 1972; 53rd Test and Evaluation Group, 15 Feb 2008-. (attached to: 5th Photographic Group from 21 Nov 1943-21 Jan 1944)

Stations. Colorado Springs AAB, CO, 20 Jun-13 Aug 1942; RAF Membury, England, 7 Sep 1942; RAF Steeple Morden, England, 27 Oct-21 Nov 1942; Oran Es Sénia Airport, Algeria, 6 Dec 1942; Maison Blanche Airport, Algiers, Algeria, 25 Dec 1942; Constantine Airfield, Algeria, 5 Jun 1943; La Marsa Airfield, Tunisia, 28 June 1943; Grottaglie Airfield, Italy, Nov 1943; Bari Airfield, Italy, 28 Dec 1943-Oct 1945; Camp Kilmer, NJ, 26-28 Oct 1945; Langley Field, VA, 19 May 1947; Lawson Field, GA, 8 Sep 1947; Pope Field, NC, 1 Oct-3 Dec 1947. Yokota AB, Japan, 1 Jul 1968-30 Jun 1972. Creech AFB, NV, 5 Mar 2008-. (Operated from: Oran Tafraoui Airport, Algeria, 18 Nov 1942; Maison Blanche Airport, Algiers, Algeria, 27 Nov 1942; Constantine Airfield, Algeria, until 14 Jul 1943; Grottaglie Airfield, Italy, after 4 Oct 1943; Colorado Springs AAB until 12 Oct 1943; Will Rogers Field, OK, until 21 Jan 1944. Bien Hoa AB, South Vietnam until 30 Oct 1971; undisclosed locations in SEA until 30 Jun 1972)

Aircraft. B-17, 1942-1944; P-38/F-4/5, 1942-1945; Potez 540, 1943; B-25, 1943–1944; P-51D/F-6D, 1947. C-130B, 1968-1972; GC-130A, MC-130A, DC-130A, DC-130E, 1968-1972; AQM-34, 1968-1972; RB-57F, 1968-1972. MQ-1, 2008-present; MQ-9, 2008-.

Operations. WW-II: Photographic mapping squadron. Deployed to Algeria in early Dec 1942 as part of Operation Torch invasion forces, becoming main source of aerial intelligence for Twelfth Air Force in North African Campaign. Flew air reconnaissance and mapping missions over Sicily, Southern Italy, the Balkans, Occupied Europe and Nazi Germany prior to Allied invasions during 1943. Vietnam War: 4025th RS developed unmanned reconnaissance drones “Lightning Bug“ and “Compass Cookie” for the USAF, for use on highly hazardous missions during the Cold War. Deployed to South Vietnam in 1966 and began flying operational missions over North Vietnam. Reorganized as the 556th RS, in addition to drone operations, the squadron collected significant amounts of intelligence operating a RB-57F from Yokota AB, Japan. Current: The stand-up is concurrent with the inactivation of the 53rd Test and Evaluation Group Det. 4. Operational test squadron for MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper RPA which will provide support to UAS operations worldwide, through force development evaluations, the development of training, tactics and procedures, OT&E and tactics development supporting ACC and AFSOC objectives.

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