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Computer made/mounted on velcro   3.5 inch-90mm



The 36th Contingency Response Group assigned to 36th Wing stationed at Anderson AFB, Guam, whose mission is to train, organize, equip and lead cross functional forces providing initial Air Force presence to a potentially austere forward operation location as directed by commander Pacific Air Force.

The 36th CRG incorporates more than 30 different jobs into one close-knit team. It is a rapid-deployment unit designed at the initiative of Air Force leadership to be a “first-in” force to secure an airfield and establish and maintain airfield operations. The 36th CRG was created specifically to respond to the growing number of fast-moving contingency deployments today’s Air Force experienced in the Western Pacific.

Although typically tailored for a specific mission, the CRG is postured to deploy all or part of a 120-person team of more than 30 specialties within a 12 hour notice. The 36th CRG is designed to be a multidisciplinary, cross-functional team whose mission is to provide the first on-scene Air Force forces trained to command, assess, and prepare a base for expeditionary aerospace forces. The cross-functional design under a single commander provides a unity of effort while also minimizing redundant taskings or personnel. This in turn allows the unit to be trained to task and ready to deploy rapidly–all with minimal equipment and personnel.

Emblem. Approved on 19 Jun 1940 for 36 Group and on 17 Jul 1952 for 36 Wing, but CSAF approved version never registered.