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Korean computer made   3.75 inch-95mm



Lineage. Established as 332 Fighter Wing on 28 Jul 1947. Organized on 15 Aug 1947. Inactivated on 1 Jul 1949. Redesignated 332 Air Expeditionary Wing, and converted to provisional status, on 19 Nov 1998. Activated 12 Aug 2002.

Assignments. Ninth Air Force, 15 Aug 1947-1 Jul 1949 (attached to First Air Force, 15 Jan-1 Feb 1949). 9 Air Expeditionary Task Force, 12 Aug 2002-.

Components. Groups. 332 Fighter (later, 332 Expeditionary Operations): 15 Aug 1947-1 Jul 1949; 12 Aug 2002-.

Stations. Lockbourne AAB (later, AFB), OH, 15 Aug 1947-1 Jul 1949. Al Jaber, Kuwait, 12 Aug 2002-.

Aircraft. P (later, F)-47, 1947-1949.

Operations. Replaced 477th Composite Group and 580th Air Service Group as part of a “wing-base” service test in Jul 1947. Participated in firepower demonstrations, gunnery training, and operational missions to maintain combat proficiency, 1947-1949. Employs airpower throughout the Iraqi theater of operations in support of ground forces and Iraqi capacity-building, including: strike, airlift/airdrop, combat search and rescue, aeromedical evacuation, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

Bestowed Honors. Authorized to display honors earned by the 332 Expeditionary Operations Group prior to 15 Aug 1947. Service Streamers. World War II American Theater. Campaign Streamers. World War II: Rome Arno; Normandy; Northern France; Southern France; North Apennines; Rhineland; Central Europe; Po Valley; Air Combat EAME Theater. Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citation: Germany, 24 Mar 1945.

Emblem. Approved for 332 Fighter Group on 15 Jan 1943.


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