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Lineage. Constituted as the 183 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron Night Photographic and allotted to the National Guard in 1953. Activated and extended federal recognition on 1 Jul 1953. Redesignated 183 Aeromedical Transport Squadron, Light on 1 Jul 1957; 183 Air Transport Squadron, Heavy on 1 Jul 1962; 183 Military Airlift Squadron on 1 Jan 1966; 183 Tactical Airlift Squadron on 1 May 1972; 183 Military Airlift Squadron on 1 Jul 1986; 183 Airlift Squadron on 16 Mar 1992-.

Assignments. 117 Tactical Reconnaissance Group, 1 Jul 1953; 106 Aeromedical Transport Group, 1 Jul 1957; 118 Air Transport Wing 1 Jan 1963; 172 Air Transport Group (later 172 Military Airlift Group, 172 Tactical Airlift Group, 172 Military Airlift Group), 10 Dec 1963; 315 Military Airlift Wing, 24 Aug 1990; 172 Military Airlift Group (later 172 Airlift Group), 30 May 1991; 172 Operations Group, 1 Oct 1995-.

Stations. Hawkins Field, MS, 1 Jul 1953; Allen C. Thompson Field, MS, c. 10 Dec 1963; Charleston AFB, SC, 24 Aug 1990; Allen C. Thompson Field (later Allen C. Thompson ANGB), MS, 30 May 1991-.

Aircraft. RB-26C Invader, 1953-1957; C-119 Flying Boxcar, 1957-1962; C-121 Constellation, 1962-1966; C-124C Globemaster II, 1966-1972; C-130E Hercules, 1972-1986; C-141, 1986-2004; C-17, 2004-.

Operations. Provided night time tactical reconnaissance mission, 1953-1957. Flew aeromedical medical transport in support of Military Air Transport Service (MATS) which airlifted critically injured and sick personnel until 1964. Mission change to air transport carrying personnel to overseas locations in Europe, the Caribbean and around the world. Realigned to a theater transport mission and continued to fly tactical airlift missions until the mid-1980s. The unit resumed a global airlift mission and was gained by MAC when mobilized. Flew 21 sorties in support of Operation Just Cause. Flew in support of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Provide the USAF and DoD with a trained combat-ready strategic military airlift force to support in the event of national emergency and support civil defense and pre-attack planning.

Service Streamers.

Campaign Streamers.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers.

Decorations. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award

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