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Japanese made by Tiger Embroidery, Okinawa, Japan   3.0 inch-77mm



Lineage. Established as 168th Air Refueling Group, on 23 Oct 1990. Redesignated as: 168th Air Refueling Wing on 1 Jun 1992-Present.

Assignments. Alaska Air National Guard, 23 Oct 1990; PACAF, 1 Jun 1992-Present.

Operational Components. Groups. 168th Operations Group, 23 Oct 1990-Present.

Squadrons. 168th Air Refueling Squadron, 23 Oct 1990-Present; 213th Space Warning Squadron, 30 Aug 2006-Present.

Stations. Eielson AFB, AK, 23 Oct 1990-Present.

Aircraft. KC-135E, 1990-1995; KC-135R, 1995-Present.

Operations. Air Refueling: Training and equiping KC-135R combat crews to provide air refueling in support of PACAF Operations Plans (OPLANS) and worldwide refueling taskings. The peacetime mission provides air refueling training and exercise support for all 11th Air Force AWACS and fighter aircraft, as well as alert tankers and crews to support Alaska NORAD Region (ANR) plans and Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed refueling requirements. As an asset of the AK ANG, the Governor can direct the unit to respond to emergencies declared or missions required within the State.

Radar: The 213th SWS is responsible for providing Early Warning of Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBMs) and Submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBMs) and attack assessment of a ballistic missile attack against the continental United States and southern Canada.

Service Streamers. None.

Campaign Streamers. None.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. None.

Decorations. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award: 1994, 1996 and 2004. Distinguished Flying Unit Plaque: 1996 and 1997. Curtis N. “Rusty” Metcalf Trophy in 1997.


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