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Lineage.  Constituted as 10th Air Corps Ferrying Squadron on 18 Feb 1942. Activated on 1 Mar 1942. Redesignated 10th Transport Squadron on 19 Mar 1943. Inactivated on 31 Mar 1944. Reconstituted as 10th Liaison Squadron on 1 Jun 1951. Activated on 25 Jul 1951. Inactivated on 15 Mar 1955. Reconstituted as 10th Fighter Squadron, Commando on 28 Mar 1966. Activated on 8 Apr 1966. Discontinued and inactivated on 17 Apr 1967. Reconstituted as 10th Airborne Command Control Squadron on 15 Sep 1969. Activated on 1 Jan 1970. Consolidated with 10th Transport Squadron with 10th Liaison Squadron, 10th Fighter Squadron, Commando and 10th Airborne Command Control Squadron on 19 Sep 1985.  Consolidated squadron retains 10th Airborne Command Control Squadron designation reactivated on 18 Jun 1987. Inactivated on 31 Dec 1991. Reactivated as 10th Expeditionary Airborne Command and Control Squadron on ?.

Assignments. Bolling Field (later, Trans-Atlantic) Sector, Air Corps Ferrying (later, Air Transport) Command, 1 Mar 1942; Domestic Transportation Division, Air Transport Command, 16 Mar 1943. 26th Transport Group, 1 Apr 1943-31 Mar 1944. Far East Air Forces, 1 Jun 1951; 5th Air Force, 25 Jul 1951-15 Mar 1955. 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing, 8 Apr 1966 17 Apr 1967. 513th Tactical Airlift Wing, 1 Jan 1970; 513th Airborne Command and Control Wing, 31 Dec 1991.

Stations. Bolling Field, DC, 1 Mar 1942; Cudahy (later, Billy Mitchell) Field, Wise, 2 Mar 1943; LaGuardia Field, NY, 8 Jul 1943-31 Mar 1944. Seoul AB, ROK, 25 Jul 1951; Osan AB, ROK, 28 Jan 1954-15 Mar 1955. Bien Hoa AB, South Vietnam, 8 Apr 1966-17 Apr 1967. RAF Mildenhall, UK, 1 Jan 1970-31 Dec 1991. Ramstein AB, Germany, ?.

Aircraft. C-47, 1942-1944; B-24, 1943; C-87, 1942-1944; C-46, 1942-1944; C-54, 1943-1944; C-56, 1942-1944; C-60, 1942-1944; C-64, 1942-1944; UC-67, 1942-1944; C-84, 1942-1944. L-5, 1951, 1953; L-20, 1952-1955. F-5, 1966-1967. EC-135H, 1970-1991.

Operations. Provided airlift operations worldwide, 1942-1944. Activated in Jul 1951 in Seoul, South Korea, the 10th Liaison Squadron supported the 930th and 931st Engineer Aviation Groups, the 6147th Tactical Control Group, and the 17th Bombardment Wing, among others u L-5 and L-20 aircraft . The unit surveyed forward areas for airfield, radar, and communications sites and regularly surveyed abandoned air strips. Provided emergency airlift to remote forward positions, transported air liaison officers to forward U.S. Army units, and performed courier service, including the delivery of mail and monthly payrolls to forward Air Force units. The 10th Fighter Squadron, Commando, flew F-5 combat missions in support of friendly ground forces, using varied munitions, flying 7,321 combat sorties. Last missions were flown on 17 Apr 1967, the date on which the F-5s transferred to the Vietnamese Air Force and the squadron inactivated. Acquired the resources and mission of the 7120th Airborne Command Control Squadron and provided a pilot, co-pilot, navigator, boom operator, and radio operator for the EC-135H Airborne Command Post on alert for the United States Commander-in-Chief, Europe. The EC-135Hs also served as aerial tankers, and beginning in 1972 the squadron provided emergency aerial refueling for USAFE’s aircraft. When U.S. presidents visited Europe, the EC-135Hs provided communications support. Flights during exercises in support of NATO, JCS, and other agencies followed routes over the North Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and sometimes the Mediterranean Sea. Between 1 Jul and 18 Nov 1970 and 16 Oct and 16 Dec 1980, the EC-135Hs: stood alert and flew from RAF Lakenheath while the runway at Mildenhall was repaired.

Service Streamers. None.

Campaign Streamers. WW-II: American Theater Korea: UN Summer-Fall Offensive, Second Korean Winter, Korea Summer-Fall 1952, Third Korean Winter, Korea Summer-Fall 1953 Vietnam: Vietnam Air Offensive, Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase II.

Decorations. Presidential Unit Citation, 8 Jun 1966-16 April 1967. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award: 1 Jul 1969-30 Jun 1970; 1 Jul 1972-30 Jun 1973; 1 Jul 1974-30 Jun 1975; 1 Jul 1975-30 Jun 1976; 1 Jul 1977-30 Jun 1978; 1 Jul 1980-30 Jun 1981; 1 Jul 1983-30 Jun 1985; 1 Jul 1985-30 Jun 1987; 1 Jul 1988-30 Jun 1990; 1 Jul 1990-30 Jun 1991. Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with Palm, 8 Apr 1966-17 Apr 1967.

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