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Computer made/mounted on velcro   4.0 inch/100mm



Lineage. Constituted as 133rd Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron in 1 Jun 1948. Redesignated 133rd Tactical Control Squadron in 1971; 133rd Tactical Control Flight (Heavy) in 1976; 133rd Air Control Squadron on 16 Jun 1992; 133rd Test Squadron in 2002-.

Assignments. IA ANG, 1948-. 505th Command and Control Wing,

Stations. Ft Dodge, IA, 1 Jun 1948-.

Operations. Called to active duty for the Korean War call-up, 1951-1952. Install, maintain, and operate Radar, Communications and Control Facilities as directed by The Commanding General, Tactical Air Force. Provide an operationally ready Forward Air Control Post (FACP) for the Tactical Air Control System (TACS) using radar and communications equipment. Maintaining the equipment and personnel of the ACS. Provide an effective and sustainable war fighting command and control (C2) capability through the professional test and evaluation of the control and reporting center to include the development of future system upgrades and modernization. Tasked with the mission of operational and development testing and evaluation of new and emerging command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technologies. Supports ACC-directed operational test and developmental test; DT of emerging C2 systems and capabilities; Provides “Distant End” datalink training, testing capability for active duty as well as Air National Guard units.

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