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The Joint Task Force-Space Defense, Schriever SFB, CO, was formed as a functional component command under U.S. Space Command 29 Aug 2019, and recognized in an establishing ceremony 21 Oct 2019. The Joint Task Force-Space Defense’s mission is, in unified action with mission partners, to deter aggression, defend capabilities and defeat adversaries throughout the continuum of conflict in order to maintain space superiority in the U.S. Space Command area of responsibility. The JTF-SD executes its protect and defend mission in unity of effort with partners, through the National Space Defense Center, space domain awareness units and emerging space defense units.

By providing America and her allies the most lethal and versatile space warfighting organization in the world, operated by the most formidable space warriors, armed with superior domain understanding and ready to employ space superiority capabilities at the time and place of our choosing.

Through the partnering of the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and National Reconnaissance Office in the National Space Defense Center, JTF-SD brings to bear the full force of the U.S. Government and synchronizes space superiority planning and operations.

Core functions:

Space Domain Awareness.  Effectively identify, characterize and understand any factor, passive or active, associated with the space domain that could affect space operations and thereby impact the security, economy or environment of our nation. This function includes generating an integrated sensor plan, high value asset clearing and pattern of life assessment among others. JTF-SD uses various ground and space-based systems to achieve the most accurate and timely space common operating picture.  The Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program is the command’s primary operational system to conduct exquisite intelligence characterization of on orbit assets.

Indication and Warning.  Conduct 24/7 space and counter-space systems monitoring, identifying threatening and non-threatening activities to issue timely warning to satellite owners and operators around the globe. JTF-SD warning and collection informs of adversary capabilities and intent, influences response options and course of action planning and supports U.S. Space Command space attack assessment, operational posture and maintenance schedules.

Space Superiority.  When called, protect and defend U.S. and allied interests in space permitting the conduct of operations at the time and place of our choosing.

Additionally, the JTF-SD executes supporting functions to include campaign and contingency planning; exercises, experiments and war games; and capability integration and on boarding.



Today, the threat to the United States’ unfettered access to and freedom to operate in space is real and growing at an increasing pace. As the nation’s focal point for space superiority operations, the JTF-SD and NSDC, along with our mission partners continue to

Plan, coordinate an conduct synchronized operations across multiple domains, disciplines, agencies and combatant commands to challenge the threat

Develop new operational concepts, tactics, techniques and procedures to protect and defense U.S. equities in the space domain

Field new systems and integrate multi-domain capabilities to protect and defend U.S. interests in space

Identify new space superiority concepts and requirements to ensure U.S.’s sustained competitive advantage in space.