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Lineage. Constituted as 23 Airways Detachment on 21 Jul 1942.  Activated on 25 Jul 1942.  Disbanded on 1 Dec 1943.  Reconstituted, and redesignated as 23 Space Operations Squadron, on 8 Oct 1991.  Activated on 1 Nov 1991-.

Assignments. Tenth Air Force, 25 Jul 1942 (attached to Air Service Command, 25 Jul-Sep 1942); Air Transport Command, 21 Dec 1942; India-China Wing, ATC, by Mar 1943-1 Dec 1943.  2 Satellite Tracking (later, 750 Space) Group, 1 Nov 1991; 50 Operations Group, 3 Jun 1999; 50 Network Operations Group, 10 Mar 2004; Delta 6, 24 Jul 2020-.

Stations. Mitchel Field, NY, 25 Jul 1942; Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, PA, 29 Sep-6 Oct 1942; Karachi, India, c. 12 Nov 1942; Chabua, India, by Mar 1943; Kunming, China, by c. May-1 Dec 1943.  New Boston AFS (later, New Boston AS, SFS), NH, 1 Nov 1991-.

Operations. Provides critical satellite command and control capability to more than 190 Department of Defense, national and civilian satellites performing intelligence, weather, navigation, early-warning and communications operations, assured access to space and cyberspace by operating and maintaining the largest Air Force Satellite Control Network remote tracking station at New Boston SFS, as well as at three other Geographically Separated Units located at Thule AB, Greenland, Oakhanger, United Kingdom, and the Eastern Vehicle Checkout Facility located at Cape Canaveral, FL. The squadron provides real-time capability to users performing on-orbit tracking, telemetry, commanding and mission data retrieval services and provides remote command and control capability through two Global Positioning System Control stations located at Cape Canaveral and Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean and operates and maintains a Defense Satellite Communications System Heavy Earth Terminal, and additional equipment in support of the National  Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration and other mission partners.

Service Streamers. None.

Campaign Streamers. World War II: India-Burma; China Defensive.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. None.

Decorations. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 Sep 1993-31 Aug 1995; [3 Jun 1999]-30 Sep 2000; 1 Oct 2000-1 Oct 2001; [2] Oct 2001-1 Oct 2002; 2 Oct 2002-2 Oct 2003; 1 Oct 2007-30 Sep 2009.

Emblem. Approved on 5 Jun 1995.