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RNLAF F-35 Lightning II 

The Netherlands was the second international partner to receive the F-35, and continues to serve as a key contributor to the production and sustainment of the F-35 Lightning II advanced fighter. The Dutch are making plans to add to their F-35 fleet to increase the nation’s capability and capacity to engage in allied operations.

Program Stats.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) operates the F-35A. The Dutch program of record is for 46 aircraft.

Industrial Participation.

More than 25 suppliers from across Dutch industry are participating in critical technology development and strategic structural design ventures integral to the F-35 program, along with high-volume production, which includes composites, bonded assemblies, and aircraft wiring. This high-technology work leverages the Netherlands’ past performance experience and expertise on the F-16 program to maintain high-quality program execution.

Every F-35 contains components manufactured by Dutch companies. With the introduction of advanced technologies, Dutch industries are strategically positioned to participate in the production of more than 3,000 F-35 aircraft over the life of the program.

Base Locations.

The first F-35 RNLAF squadron operates out of Leeuwarden Air Base. In the future, Volkel Air Base will also be home to F-35s.

Program Milestones:

2012: The first Dutch F-35, known as AN-1, takes flight in Fort Worth, Texas.

2013: First two Dutch F-35s delivered to Edwards AFB for operational testing.

2016: F-35 makes public debut on Dutch soil for environmental testing.

2018: Luke AFB stands up F-35 squadron for the Netherlands F-35 training.

2019: Netherlands’s First Operational F-35, known as AN-3, is delivered from the Fort Worth, Texas, factory.

2019: First operational Dutch F-35 Delivers to Luke AFB.

2019: Roll out of first Dutch F-35 produced at Cameri, Italy, FACO.

2019: First aircraft arrival at Leeuwarden Air Base.

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