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Computer made/mounted on velcro  4.0 inch/100mm



Project Hunter provides seamless integration across its aircraft, ground and space systems through open systems architecture which enables unprecedented battlespace awareness to reduce the data-to-decision timeline for the warfighter critical in reducing the data-to-decision timeline so important to the warfighter as the complexity of the battlespace continues to increase.

A series of six flights performed at Northern Edge 2017 concluded that open systems architecture technologies demonstrated the ability to share data across dissimilar platforms in denied environments and successfully demonstrated:

-The first use of open radio architecture to implement and evaluate advanced networking and communications capabilities

-Multi domain command and control capabilities
Ability to disseminate data from the Distributed Ground System via a secure OMS enabled

-Link 16 radio

-Enhanced Link 16 fighter to fighter OMS capability integration

The demonstration focused on advanced communications and interoperability between systems through the use of a U-2 as a vital communications and processing node, connecting a web of systems across multiple domains and enabling complete battlespace awareness.

At the heart of the system was a modified Enterprise OSA Mission Computer v2, known as the Einstein Box. The Einstein Box hosted all of the OMS processing and cross domain capabilities, and served as the interface to all radios.

Project Hunter focused on advancing OMS technologies to provide the warfighter with a solution that brings faster system integration, enables affordable hardware and software reuse and upgrades, and provides a solid foundation to build the capabilities.

This project was led by Lockheed Martin Skunk Works with support from industry partners General Dynamics Mission Systems, L-3 Technologies, Viasat, Lockheed Martin’s Rotary and Mission Systems and Missiles and Fire Control businesses, and Northrop Grumman.

Project Hunter builds on the mission system integration work Lockheed Martin first demonstrated in 2013 and continues to advance with U-2 OMS flight tests, Have Raider and Project Missouri demonstrations.

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