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Lineage. Constituted 347th Fighter Squadron on 1 Oct 1942. Inactivated 7 Nov 1945. Redesignated 148th Fighter Squadron and allotted to PA ANG on 24 May 1946.148th Fighter Squadron (SE) extended federal recognition on 27 Feb 1947. Redesignated: 148th Fighter Interceptor Squadron in Jul 1950; 148th Fighter Bomber Squadron on 1 Nov 1952. Placed on inactive status on 1 May 1956. Inactivated 31 Oct 1957. Redesignated: 140th Aeromedical Transport Squadron (Medium) and activated 1 May 1956; 140th Aeromedical Transport Squadron (Light) on 1 Feb 1957; 140th Military Airlift Squadron on 1 Jan 1966. Reorganized as 193rd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron on 17 Sep 1967. Redesignated 193rd Electronic Combat Squadron on 6 Oct 1980; 193rd Special Operations Squadron on 15 Nov 1983-.
Assignments. 350th Fighter Group, 1 Oct 1942-7 Nov 1945. PA ANG, 27 Feb 1947-31 Oct 1957, 1 May 1956; Military Air Transport Service, 1 Jul 1960; 168th Aeromedical Transport Group, 16 Feb 1964; 193rd Tactical Electronic Warfare Group, 17 Sep 1967; 193rd Electronic Combat Group, 6 Oct 1980; 193rd Special Operations Group, 15 Nov 1983; 193d Special Operations Wing, 1 Jun 1995-.
Stations. Bushey Hall, England, 1 Oct 1942; Snailwell, England, 4 Oct 1942; (ground echelon, which was formed in US, was at Harding Field, LA, until c. 2 Nov 1942); Kings Cliffe, England, 8 Dec 1942-4 Jan 1943; Casablanca, French Morocco, 20 Nov 1942; Oujda, French Morocco, 6 Jan 1943; La Senia, Algeria, 12 Feb 1943; Orleansville, Algeria, 9 Mar 1943; Le Sers, Tunisia, 21 Apr 1943; Djidjelli, Algeria, 14 May 1943; Rerhaia, Algeria, 18 Nov 1943; Corsica, c. 6 Dec 1943; (detachment operated from Capodichino, Italy, 10 Feb-Mar 1944); Sardinia, 19 Jul 1944; Tarquinia, Italy, 15 Sep 1944; Pisa, Italy, 2 Dec 1944-14 July 1945; Seymour Johnson Field, NC, 25 Aug-7 Nov 1945. Spaatz Field, PA, 27 Feb 1947-31 Oct 1957, 1 May 1956 (Operated from Dover AFB, DE, 1 Feb 1951-1 Nov 1952); Olmstead AFB (later Olmstead State Airport, Harrisburg IAP, ANGB), PA, 1 Feb 1961-.
Aircraft. P-39, 1942-1944; P-400, 1942-1943; P-38, 1943; P-47, 1944-1945. P-47, 1947-1950; F-51, 1950-1951, 1952-1957; F-86, 1951-1952; F-94, 1951-1952. C-46, 1956-1958; C-119, 1958-1962; C-121, 1962-1977; EC-130, 1977-.
Operations. The airborne radio and television broadcast mission originated in the mid-1960s with the EC-121 known as Coronet Solo. The mission later transitioned to the EC-130E in 1980, EC-130J in 2004. Participated in the rescue of American citizens in Operation Urgent Fury in 1983.  In 1989, Volant Solo during Operation Just Cause, helping to end the Noriega regime. In 1990, the 193d joined the newly formed Air Force Special Operations Command, and the wing’s aircraft were redesignated Commando Solo, with no change in mission. In 1990-91, Commando Solo was deployed to Saudi Arabia and Turkey in support of Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM.  In 1994, during Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti. In 1997, supported the United Nations’ Operation Joint Guard with radio and TV broadcasts over Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of stabilization forces operations. In 1998, participated in Operation Desert Thunder, a deployment to Southwest Asia to convince Iraq to comply with U.N. Security Council resolutions. In 1999, support of Operation Allied Force where the unit was  tasked to broadcast radio and television into Kosovo to prevent ethnic cleansing and assist in the expulsion of the Serbs from the region. In 2001, broadcasted messages to the local Afghan population and Taliban soldiers during Operation Enduring Freedom. In 2003, the Commando Solo was deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Currently, the EC-130J was redeployed to the Middle East in support of the War on Terror.
Service Streamers. None.
Campaign Streamers. Kosovo: Air Campaign.
Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. None.
Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citation: Italy, 6 Apr 1944.

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