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Lineage. Constituted as 165 Fighter-Interceptor Group, allotted to Georgia ANG and extended federal recognition and activated on 10 Jul 1958. Redesignated as 165 Air Transport Group on 1 Jul 1962; 165 Military Airlift Group on 3 Jan 1966; 165 Tactical Airlift Group on 8 Aug 1975; 165 Airlift Group on 16 Mar 1992. Status changed from Group to Wing and redesignated 165 Airlift Wing on 1 Oct 1995-.

Assignments. Georgia Air National Guard, 10 Jul 1958-. 165 Operations Group, 1 Oct 1995-. (Gained by: 35 Air Division, Air Defense Command; Eastern Transport Air Force, Military Air Transport Service, 1 Jul 1962; Twenty-First Air Force, Military Airlift Command, 3 Jan 1966; Air Combat Command, 1 Jun 1992; Air Mobility Command, 1 Apr 1997-.

Components. Groups. 165 Operations, 1 Oct 1995-; 165 Mission Support, 1 Oct 1995-; 165 Maintenance, 1 Oct 1995-; 165 Medical, 1 Oct 1995-. Squadrons. 158 Fighter-Interceptor (later Air Transport, Military Airlift, Tactical Airlift, Airlift), 10 Jul 1958-1 Oct 1995.

Stations. Travis Field (later Savannah Int Apt; Savannah ANGB), 10 Jul 1958-.

Aircraft. F-86L, 1958-1962; C-97F, 1962-1965; C-124C, 1965-1975; C-130E/H, 1975-.

Operations. Operated day/night/all-weather aircraft integrated into the ADC SAGE interceptor direction and control system. Flew long-distance transport missions in support of Air Force requirements, frequently sending aircraft to the Caribbean, Europe Greenland, and the Middle East in support of Air Force requirements. Supporting operations for the Vietnam War, missions were flown across the Pacific to Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, South Vietnam, Okinawa and Thailand. Involved in air operations being deployed throughout the Middle East in Uzbekistan, Turkey, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terror and Operation Enduring Freedom. Recently delivering global air transportation of equipment and supplies during times of war and for peacetime training exercises, providing safe, comfortable and reliable transportation of military personnel or dignitaries anywhere in the world as well as Command and Control, Air Support Operations, Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) and Individual Training.

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