Hi Everyone,

I had to have a pretty large emergency surgery on my pancreas 5 Mar 2017. I just returned home on the 13th having no idea how hard of a recovery this will be. I’m just starting to be be able to walk a bit, so I’m going to fill orders as I can.

If anyone placed an order that is really an emergency and you need it NOW, please send me a sepererate email and i’ll do my best. Otherwise, please be patiient and i’ll get it out ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding.



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It’s come to my attention that many are having problems with their passwords on this site.

The problem lies in the migration of data from the old site to the new. The problem is the old passwords did not transfer over. Also, for some unknown reason, the reset e-mail is not going out.

The solution is easy, just send me an e-mail from the e-mail address you previously registered with to afushi@aol.com

I will reset your password and send it to you. Once reset, you can log in and change the password.

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There was a problem with the shipping calculator where it would not calculate domestic postage for purchases over $20.00. I beleive we have this fixed.

Also, international shipping rates have been adjusted.

If there are any problems, please let me know.

Thanks, Al

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